Thursday 29 April 2010

Blue Blood pics

TST Footwear

TST Profile

TST Footwear is the product of continuous research by esteemed footwear designer Seishi Tanaka. His shoes are made from premium leathers and incorporate the pure essence of Japanese manufacturing and design techniques.

'Tanaka' has worked with leading basketball companies designing technical footwear and more recently collaborated with famous aspirational brands of the highest level such as Comme des Garcons and Helmut Lang.

Seishi Tanaka always designs on paper and the line drawn by hand becomes the shape and design of the shoe. His inspiration comes from life experiences and his technical knowledge of shoemaking.

Wednesday 28 April 2010

Blue Blood

Blue Blood is a new luxury denim & fashion housebased in Amsterdam and founded in 2003.

Blue Blood is inspired by old heritage, skill and craftsmanship but with a modern outlook and strong personality. Known by its high quality and remarkable garments with character.

Blue Blood’s motto is “for our friends”: This is the driving thought behind the brand.

The lobster is the Blue Blood mascot because lobsters like denim-heads have blue blood.

The name also refers to Heritage and Aristocracy and boldly claim lineage to great names in fashion and denim.

Blue Blood is love of denim and its history; a tribute to those that inspire and those that came before.