Wednesday 9 June 2010

Volta Footwear

VOLTA is an Italian brand.
Established in Milan in fall 2007, Volta is aimed at creating and marketing “instant classics”.
Volta Footwear is the first Volta brand-project, launched europe-wide at the beginning of 2008.
Taking inspiration from the “classics” of footwear, we created a comfortable hybrid between sneakers and boots, designed and crafted to become part of our daily life.
One-style-only, unisex, affordable, Volta Footwear was born to be an instant classic.
When planning to make a new innovative footwear brand, we understood we had to look back into history rather than try to predict the future. When it comes to classics, you can only learn.
Then the challenge was to redefine and actualize classic standards based on people’s needs nowadays.
Our passion helped us to work hard and to achieve the mission, and it still does. We continue to work hard and fulfill our costumers wishes.
Volta Footwear is now turning 2 years old, it is available in 200 selected stores worldwide and has been featured in several national and international magazines and websites.

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