Wednesday 30 November 2011

Natural Selection Denim

Natural Selection Denim kan nu fåes hos Genius Copenhagen.

Natural Selection producerer jeans og chinos i japanske og italienske selvedge kvaliteter af højeste standard. Der er en model i 3 fits: slim, narrow, straight i mange interessante varianter.
Kollektionen er præcis og balanceret mellem overdele og bukser.
Prisniveau som andre gode brands og
En tilgængelig fashion variant af PRPS og Levi’s Vintage - altså moderne fortolkninger af klassiske styles som de fleste af mine brands laver. Interessant egentligt..!

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Logo Natural Selection

Natural Selection forhandles bl.a her:
Selfridges - London 
Autograph – Birmingham
Liberty – London

Coggles - York 
Awesome Rags - Stockholm
14 OZ - Berlin
Spoiled - Amsterdam/Rotterdam 
Oki-Ni - online

Established in 2009, Natural Selection Denim strives for originality and authenticity with no compromise. They use Japanese and Italian selvedge denim to produce jeans with rich-detailing that resonate with the denim obsessive.
Through a process of evolution, Natural Selection have become masters of the complex techniques used in the design and manufacture of premium-quality denim.

The jeans below are cut straight in the leg from 13oz Japanese selvedge denim, produced in a family run, artisanal denim mill. The denim has been chain-rope-dyed a deep indigo and then subjected to a heavy-rinse, which removes some of the starch from the fabric helping the denim enthusiast to wear-in the denim more rapidly.

This heavy chino bears the fruits of Natural Selection’s philosophy on the place that evolution takes in quality denim design and manufacture. Packed with thoughtful and considered details, it is a testament to the time and effort invested by the brand.

Selectism skriver:
The British denim brand focuses on the basics, well made high quality denim, selvedge and non-selvedge with a choice of washes and weights. This selection includes some impressive light denim shirts, peacoats, braided leather belts, chinos and crew neck tees both printed and plain. Simple, solid.

GQ Magaziine skrev om Paul og Richard i en artikel serie om The Next Wave in British design.
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The similarities between a denim brand and Darwin’s theory of evolution by natural selection might not be obvious. Yet, Natural Selection Denim draws inspiration from the spirit of competition and the evolutionary process. As in nature so in denim; only the fittest survive.

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